Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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    Dec 20, 2022/Dec 19, 2022

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If you love playing epic battle games, then Lords Mobile Tower Defense is the game for you. The game developer is IGG, and you can play it on your iOS and Android devices. You have to grow stronger to defeat your enemies in this game. You have to improve the stats of your heroes to win the game. Let us discuss the gameplay and strategies of this strategy role-playing video game.

In Lords Mobile Tower Defense, you have to increase your resources, and learn how to allocate the resources. You will get four resources ore, stone, timber, and food. Each resource plays a big role in the gameplay. The resources come with self-building power and you have to upgrade them to get the best potential.

After this, you will have to think of the talent points. You will get these points when you level up, and it will boost the resources. The catch here is that you will get limited talent points, and you have to be wise when you want to spend them.

One of the most used strategies in this game is the increase of construction, training, and speed of research. These attributes will help you progress easily through the game. You can buy the talent reset objects if you want the points that you have allocated to an attribute.

Lords Mobile Tower Defense is a strategy role-playing video game. You will find out more about the game's rules when you keep playing it. You will find more fun when you fully grasp the game's features.

The game is full of fun and excitement. You can play this game properly when you understand the features. Let’s look at the best features of Lords Mobile Tower Defense.

* Engage in animated battles

* Play with global players online

* Forget better alliances

* Grab the powerful heroes

* Use the troop formation

* Build your kingdom

* Get access to the Vergeway

* Collect more artifacts.


Once you understand the features of this game, you are ready to dive into the strategies. The game is easy and fun to play, but once you understand the strategies, it will be easier. So, let’s take a look at the below points.

Step 1 : Decide on the focus point

The first thing you have to do in this game is to determine where you want to focus. If you want to hunt the monsters, become the strongest rider or farm. This is important because based on this you can build the kingdom and upgrade objects. Once you focus on the base, slowly you can upgrade to other things.

Step 2 : Join a guild

If you are not part of a guild, you will not see any growth in this battle game. To get acceptance, you have to create your online account first. After that, apply to any guild in the game. However, you may not get accepted as you apply. This is because the groups will not take a less-experienced person. You have to offer something so you can get acceptance. You have to find the guilds that will accept you in the first stages. Or you have to play more to get the acceptance of a good guild.

Step 3 : Research

Research is a large section of this game. You have to engage in lots of research to move forward. You also have to give priority to things for research. Choose the monster hunter, military, and economic trees first for intensive research. The economic tree will help you with the finances, the military one will help you with the army.


You will get guild coins when you complete the missions. You can get a maximum of 40000 coins each day when you send help. You will also get gems based on your rank in the game. Based on the colosseum rank you will get 500 at first rank and it will go up to 10 where you can get 5000 gems.

Lords Mobile Tower Defense is a strategy role-playing video game, where you have to build your team of heroes and fight in battles to defeat your enemies. You just need to apply the right strategies to win the game. There are various possibilities in this game, and once you complete the challenges, there are guild coins and gems as rewards.


This is a strategy role playing video gameplay, where you can use your wits to complete the tasks. If you loved playing it, share your opinion, so others can enjoy the game too, and give their feedback.



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