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    Dec 8, 2022/Dec 12, 2022

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The free mobile app Pokemon GO brings augmented reality games to users. The game incorporates geolocation data and mapping technologies to produce an augmented reality in which players can capture and raise Pokémon characters.

Pokémon, a Nintendo franchise, debuted as a Game Boy. The game's primary focus is on fictitious creatures referred to as Pokemon, which players must capture and train to compete against other trainers.

The Japanese franchise gained worldwide recognition because of its one-of-a-kind designs and endearing characters. The successful video game quickly expanded into other mediums, including comic books, trading cards, toys, and television. Twenty years after its first release, the Pokémon franchise is making a splashy comeback in the shape of a smartphone game.

Use the incubator wisely

Once you have put the eggs through an incubator and traveled the requisite distance, you will be able to obtain some Pokemon. You'll also get some boost candies and experience points.

Every player starts with an incubator with infinite use. You can then win or obtain more incubators. You can also buy such incubators from the shop.

Be on the lookout for special events that shorten the distances required to hatch eggs. In general, the eggs that are located further away tend to have more substantial rewards.

Focus first on XP, then on pokemon power up

The level of your Pokemons can't go above your level. Hence, you first gain experience to level up. Once your level is higher, you can train your Pokemons to level up and perhaps unlock new skills.

Furthermore, powering up your Pokemon when your level is low will cost more candies. It is recommended that you do not use any of your Pokemon power-ups until you have attained a higher XP level, such as level 20 or higher.


Manage your bag

There's no need to carry every Pokemon you own in your bag. Just carry the ones you need for raids or gym battles.

Keep in mind that your Pokemon also gains XP every time you go on a battle. So if you restrict yourself to only using a few Pokemons every time, they will gain more XP and become more powerful. This is a lot better compared to having an army of low-level Pokemons.

Trade pokemons for candies

You can trade your Pokemons with the professor for some candies. This is an excellent way of getting rid of if you already have too many Pokemon of that type.


For example, you already have 20 Rattata. It's better to trade them for candies to strengthen your Raticate that will actually be fighting on your behalf.

As mentioned before, there is a limit to the number of Pokemon you can carry at one time. Since you want each of them to be as strong as possible, you need to eliminate the less effective Pokemon.

Be familiar with the evolution path

Before feeding candy to a Pokemon to make it stronger or evolve it past its weaker forms, it's a good idea to check out what it can evolve into in the Pokedex.

For instance, if you have a large number of Pidgy but only a few Pidgeotto, you generally want to avoid investing candies for the evolution of Pidgy since you'll just get more Pidgeotto.

A better way of doing it is to hold on to your candies so you can evolve Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot, which is the next level to Pidgeotto according to the evolution path.

It is less advantageous to have more Pokemon of a mid-tier compared to getting a rare evolved form of that Pokemon, which is often more helpful in battle.


Be smart about lucky eggs

From time to time, you'll get some Lucky Eggs. With it, your experience points will be doubled for the next half an hour. However, rather than merely throwing it away at random times, you should make an effort to maximize the experience you earn from it so that you can more quickly advance in levels.

The Pokemon franchise has already reached global recognition. It's no wonder it's making a comeback in the mobile games with Pokemon GO. What's more, it incorporates an innovative technology known as augmented reality.

If you enjoy games that allow you to collect virtual pets, then Pokemon Go is something that you should try. Also, don't forget about the tips mentioned above to maximize your fun.



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