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    December 5, 2022/Dec 12, 2022

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Clash Royale is not just your basic strategy game since you'll get to encounter all the hidden mechanics and intricate card interactions. While anybody can have fun jumping into battles, getting on the top leaderboards could take a long time of battle and practice. This guide can help you turn years of slow progress and slogging into a more enjoyable, shorter adventure without spending a cent on the game.

Win more games using meta decks

Your "latest meta" deck and cards need to be strong to keep winning in the game. The meta alters from every new card release and balance upgrade. So if you're not just playing to have fun, it's crucial to utilize a deck that is either a meta or one that counters it. The easiest way to know what meta decks or cards are by inspecting resources such as RoyaleAPI, Deck Shop Pro, or Stats Royale. There you can find popular decks from top players and the current meta.

Avoid upgrading every card

As contrasting as it may sound, you'll rapidly find yourself with a depleted amount of gold if you upgrade all of your cards immediately after acquiring the resources. You should mainly concentrate on building your decks. Either pick a meta deck or build it yourself and upgrade only the cards you're using in those decks. Remember that card upgrades will cost you lots of gold so avoid wasting it on cards that you won't use.

Synergy and balance are vital

You need a deck with a balance of flying units, spells, ground units, and buildings. Playing with an all-spell or all-spawners deck will not help you win countless games. Generally, you should incorporate various strategies such as balancing the elixir cost, selecting the right spells, knowing the defensive cards (Goblin Gang, Tesla, Bomb Tower, or Wizard), and choosing your main push (Golem, Hog Rider, Giant, Graveyard, Lava Hound, etc) and support troops (Baby Dragon, Night Wight, Valkyrie, or Ice Golem) for best win-conditions.


Participate in tournaments and challenges

Though you can abundantly advance the game by climbing the leaderboard and opening chests, make sure to also complete all special challenges and events. Keep in mind that a few of these challenges only unlock after you reach a certain level. The rewards you can get with these events like various chests, magic items, bonus gold, and cards are all essential to build new decks and upgrading your level. Besides that, new cards can be unlocked after their release upon completing the launch events.

Join a clan

The majority of players already recognize the importance of joining a clan in the game. Once you get to level 3, you can now join a clan. Doing so leads to many benefits which include:

* In-game chat where you can discuss tips and strategies.

* Requesting, donating, and trading cards from other members of the clan. You and your friends/clanmates can upgrade your card/deck much faster.


* Clan wars.

* Friendly battles that can help test various decks and improve your skills without losing your trophies.

It is definitely a win-win for anyone. The only thing you need to ensure is that the one you joined is reliable and active.

Utilize bait strategy

To freely utilize your win-condition, you need to draw out your opponent's hard counter to the former using a bait card. This is not about just any specific decks as every deck can include a bait card. A classic bait strategy example is the Prince Log Bait Deck where the win-condition is Prince or Goblin Barrel. The Log is the Goblin Barrel's hardest counter so you have quite a few cards like Dart Goblin, Rascals, Goblin Gang, and Princess that can force your opponent's spell out of their hands. This both applies to you and your opponent. Make an effort to figure out your opponent's bait strategy and try to also counter it.


Watch battle replays

Clash Royale highlights a very unique and cool feature known as TV Royale. It is the game's Youtube which shows the entire match replays from the top players in each of the arenas. You can watch astonishing matches of the best players, see their decks, learn how they utilize counter cards, and practice counting elixir and predictions. Aside from that, you can replay or review your previous battles in the Activity Log to enhance your strategy and learn from your mistakes.


With these strategies, tips, and tricks, not only can you take your game skills and scheme to the next level but also help you move forward much quicker and consistently get better at Clash Royale. Remember that it is fine to take some damage, wisely use your elixir, be patient, and most importantly, have fun and savour the game.



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