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Have you ever wanted to run a farm or dreamed about living on one? Well, that's the very premise behind Stardew Valley. A game developed by Eric Barone, the game starts with you inheriting a farm and pursuing a life in the country. While living on a farm is pretty laidback, there are a lot of challenges that go with growing your own plants and taking care of your barnyard animals.

The game lets you start and manage your own farm, with many different and interesting characters along the way. This guide will help you operate your farm better as you get started, or for anyone who's already started playing and want to improve their strategies, the following tips will help you do just that.

There are so many tips and tricks to help you succeed in your quest to operate a productive and successful farm, but the following guide offers you simple yet efficient ways to play the game.

Here are a few tips for improving your gameplay and strategy in Stardew Valley:

Choose your farm type properly

New farm maps have been added in the 1.1 updates but you can still choose the wide-open field in the original version. A standard frame is a good option for first-time players but if you want a more varied farm, you can opt for different farm maps, such as the Riverland farm, the Forest farm, or the Wilderness farm. Choosing the type of farm you want to work on depends on your interests and willingness to do different kinds of tasks. The Riverland farm has more water, the Forest farm offers more foraging activities, the Wilderness farm challenges you to handle monsters at night, and lastly, the Hilltop farm deals with a mining area.

The more varied the farm, the more challenges it has, so choose your farm type wisely when you begin the game.


Study the map and take note of shortcuts

The game offers you limited time and energy. So to make the most of your resources, study the map and remember shortcuts so you can do more of your daily tasks. Once you get to know the pathways and roads in and around your farm, the more efficient you will be in completing tasks, as well as saving your resources.

Boost your energy efficiency techniques

In every season, you will only be given 28 days. That means you need to make the most of your time. Some examples would be avoiding going to sleep while your character still has energy. Instead of going to bed, have your character chop trees, fish, or do any available tasks. Doing small tasks will accumulate eventually, and will help you become more productive with the little resources you have. Take advantage of every inch of energy your character has for optimum efficiency.

However, do not stay up later than 2 am because you will not have enough energy for the next day, which will hurt your energy levels for the day's tasks and activities.


Fish at mountain lake

Speaking of fishing, the best spot at Stardew Valley to fish is at Mountain Lake, where fish is abundant in every season. Though there are other spots to fish, such as the river and ocean, Mountain Lake is the most consistent. The ocean may have more varied fish options, but if you want to play safe and guarantee you'll be able to catch something, this is the best spot on the farm. Make sure to fish between 6 am to 7 pm, which is a large timeframe, so you've got plenty of time to catch the Lake's signature Largemouth Bass or Carp.

Mountain Lake is also the spot with the least garbage, so you won't end up scooping up objects that drain your energy. Plus, the Lake is also home to Algie, which you can eat on the spot, giving you additional energy.


Clear your land

Spend time regularly clearing the land so you have space to plant and operate your farm. Farming is about growth, and without space, you won't be able to plant your seeds or make space to house your farm animals. You'll also be earning crafting materials in the process, which include stone and wood. The more you plant, the more harvest you'll get, so clearing your land consistently is key to expanding your farm.

There are so many things to do and accomplish in Stardew Valley that the best thing to do to get better at it is to keep on playing. There may be cheating opportunities available on third-party apps but knowing a few tips and tricks are what you need to improve your gameplay and strategy. Read more about tips on managing your farm to succeed in operating your very own digital farm with Stardew Valley.



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