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Kids are natural crafters and builders, but as they get older, they don't always have time to indulge in their creative side. Fortunately, there are many apps that can help facilitate creative activities and allow kids to enter their own artistic space wherever they are. These apps allow kids to draw pictures, or take pictures and use those pictures as a backdrop for their paintings. One of these apps is "Crafting and Building," which can be found from the App Store.

The app is designed to be very easy to use, which is one of the reasons why children may enjoy using it. Even young children can figure out how to use the app without any help from adults. The materials for art projects are divided into different categories, making them easy to find, and there is a search feature that allows kids to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Allows users to use photos from their phones or social media as backgrounds

Most so-called digital scrapbooking apps and photo editing apps have art supplies built in, but Make and Build takes a different approach, focusing more on scrapbooking. It's a great option for kids, though, because they can take photos from their phones or social media and use them as backgrounds for their artwork.

Allows users to share their artwork with others

One of the reasons people like apps is that they allow people to share what they create online with others. The "Craft & Architecture" app allows users to save their artwork to the app and then share it on social media so that family, friends, classmates or anyone else can see what is being created.

Provides an outlet for creativity

The "Craft & Construction" app lets kids get creative every time they open it. Since there are no paints, lacquers or other equipment available to kids, there's no reason not to decorate the art space in a way that feels right to them.

Make art accessible to kids of all ages

Although this app is designed primarily for children ages 2-12, it can be used by younger children as well. The app is designed to be simple and easy to use, and the materials provided with the app are easily accessible.20221221/dc5fb26531d4c5a5b38f2acb69c82696.jpg

Benefits of using Make & Build

1. Provides an outlet for creativity

As children get older, they are asked to do more homework, focus more on school, and learn how to handle the stresses of life. Sometimes, these responsibilities limit the time children have to engage in creative activities. The "Craft & Construction" app allows children of all ages to relieve stress and relax by engaging in fun activities.

2. Encourages active learning habits

Because children have a variety of choices in terms of the materials they can use in their work, they are forced to think outside the box when it comes time to build something or draw something. This active, hands-on approach to learning can help teach children how to be more creative.

3. Encourage the development of fine motor skills

Most art supplies used by children require them to develop fine motor skills. While the Make and Build app does not provide users with any art supplies, it does provide physical materials for them to tap or bang on, which encourages the development of these skills.20221221/d5dcab2a355e509c0bb05c756808cd87.jpg

4. Promote healthy self-expression

Of course, the benefit of allowing children to express themselves on a platform like social media is that they are less likely to act in ways that might embarrass or shame them later within the real world. Including drawings in apps allows kids to express themselves in a safe, fun environment that is not permanent.

5. Use technology in creative ways

As creative as it may be to take a photo, use it for an art project, and then share it with others, most people are still afraid to use their phones when they walk out into public. While most so-called digital scrapbooking apps or photo editing apps have art supplies built in, Crafting and Building uses the social media space as a place for users to share what they've created without confronting others.20221221/4e34fa7345a27cd5d8759238bedc8ddf.jpg

The Crafting and Building app is a great digital art tool that allows kids to engage in creative activities no matter where they are. If you are looking for an app that can help your kids develop their creativity, then this is one of the best options.



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