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    Dec 7, 2022/Apr 19, 2022

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Toca Boo is an educational game for kids based on spooky house and ambience. The game is quite a popular game and is currently ranked within the top 10 best games on mobile platforms. Do you like to hide and scare people? Well, you can do that now as many times as you want to with this game. To know more about the gameplay, features and some amazing strategies of the game, read on. You will love how casual this game is. Also, you will get to know some amazing tips to scare people in this game.

The most interesting part of Toca Boo is that the game is based on a unique story. It is about a family who lives in a big mansion or house. The main character of the game is Bonnie who is out there to scare her family members. You have to play the role of Bonnie in his game and you have to think about some amazing ways to scare them.

You can look for the different members of the family in different parts of the house. You can hide under the tables or even behind the curtains of the house. All you have to do is to stay away from the light so that you do not get caught.

This game is all about scaring them by rattling different things, turning on the kettle or even the disco music. When you can hear the heartbeat of the character, it means they are nervous. It is a great time to scare them with OO’.

Overall the gameplay is quite nice with stunning graphics and easy to play interface. There is no complexities in the game that should worry you. Just relax and play the game.

If you are wondering how amazing this game is, here are some significant Toca Boo features that can level up your experience:

* Comes with a huge house that you can explore

* Interactive objects in the house to scare the family


* Many hidden surprises are there in the house

* No rules as such in the game

* Do whatever you want to scare them in the game

Moreover, this game is completely free of any in-app purchases. But it is a paid game itself. This means that you have to pay for this game in order to download and install it.

Are you here to know about the best strategies or tips about this game? So, how can scare the family members in this game? Here are some tips for you –

Strategy 1

Make sure to keep yourself away from the light. If you get caught up in the light, then people will find you and they will not be scare of you.

Strategy 2

Find different places to hide. There are different areas and places where you can hide. You have to find out places like under the bed or table, behind the curtain or duvet and more. Hiding is very important and you need to hide properly.


Strategy 3

Eat things to give a bigger scare to the people. While it can be quite fun, you can eat different things from the kitchen or dining table can give them bigger scares.

Strategy 4

You can float around in the house in order to keep looking for the family. This will give you an idea where the family members are and where you can hide in order to scare them.

Strategy 5

Make sure to OO’ at the right time. You have to hear for the heartbeat. When you can hear the heartbeat, you have to OO’ them to scare them off.


The game of Toca Boo is a very interesting and fun game. This game is a completely casual game that you play while relaxing. This casual game is meant for having fun in the best way possible. Want to experience the fun of scaring other people? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play this game today! You will love the gameplay, features and overall sound effects of this game. This game is a complete package of entertainment that not only kids will love but also adults will have fun to play.



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