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The video game, Among Us was initially released in 2018, but it garnered very little notice from the general public. However, in 2020, it had a meteoric rise in popularity due to many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTube creators playing it. And who didn’t get hooked on this game after that? Almost everyone has getted the game and enjoyed playing with it, especially during the lockdown.

Among Us premise

The premise of the game is that each player will be cast in one of two roles: crewmate or impostor. To prepare a spaceship for launch, the crew members have a series of chores that need to be completed.

While some jobs, like "Clean O2 Filter," can be finished reasonably, others, like "Fix Weather Node," require a series of actions to be carried out. On the other hand, the game has at least one impostor attempting to destroy the ship and eliminate all of the crew members.

Among Us gameplay

The game starts as the impostor kills crew members. The game is suspended when a body is found, or someone calls for an emergency meeting. Players now have to determine others' actions to identify who the impostor is. Players vote on who they think is the impostor during the session. If a player receives enough votes, they're removed from the game, and their true identity is exposed. Crewmates need to complete all missions or find the impostor to win. The impostor wins if they avoid detection but also manage to kill everyone.

Among Us strategies

Among Us, rounds can be full of antics. Crewmates must survive long enough to perform their missions, while impostors must kill them without revealing their identities. Below are some strategies you can use as a crewmate/ Imposter.


CrewmatesSuspect everyone around you

Always watch every player on the field; subtle movements and actions can determine who the imposter is.

Pay attention to how other players interact around the map.

Be wary of anyone who seems to be unexpectedly following you. Very little space is given on the maps, and the passageways between chambers are frequently quite cramped. Your instinct is to be in the company of one or two other players.

Try to use yourself as bait if you are confident enough.

You might also be brave and try to entice the player you suspect into accompanying you. You can also stay away from the remaining group members and track down who you think might be the Impostor.

Stay close to people who are proven innocent.


If you have established that someone is innocent, you must remain close to them to avoid letting the imposter pick you off. A visual effect from a specific job may reveal that you or another player aren't the Impostors. As Impostors are incapable of doing anything, witnessing someone else complete the action is undeniable evidence of their position.

ImposterTry sabotaging rooms and acting like you are fixing them.

If you're an Impostor and want to secure a win from the crewmates, you should damage a crucial facility like O2 and Reactor and then rush over to fix it. Without these rooms being repaired, the Impostor would win, and everyone would die.

Sabotage rooms and fix them

A foolproof method for throwing off suspicion among the crew is sabotaging rooms but fixing them. But do not go overboard by constantly repairing the same sabotaged rooms; it would raise suspicion if the same person kept fixing the same O2, Reactor, and Lights.


Always use the sabotage feature if available.

An expert impostor will always sabotage rooms immediately as an ability finishes its cooldown. It's excellent for preventing your Crewmates from doing their work, but it also eliminates them one by one if they return to help you fix it. You will receive bonus points if you can successfully lock the Crewmate in a room alongside them, kill them, and escape through a vent well before doors open.

Set up ambushes in common rooms

You may ambush them by waiting in any of the matched rooms. Lay in wait for an unsuspecting victim in a nearby duct or on the task's panel. Because these activities are so common, it is not surprising to see multiple players engaged in them simultaneously. As a result, you can stand in front of the panel or the room and not raise any suspicions. Make good use of this to pick off some easy targets.

Among Us is a game full of deceit, misdirection, and strategy. With these tips, you will be successful in being both a crewmate and an imposter.



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