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Evony is a free game that allows players to create and develop the kingdom of their dreams. Players can connect with other empires for support, protection, and more! In the game, you can choose to be a nobleman or noblewoman, soldier or cook. You can also 'invest' money into troops, buildings, and skills you feel will be most helpful in improving your kingdom. It doesn't cost anything to play Evony, but plenty of optional items in the game can enhance your gameplay experiences, such as access to new units and buildings.

If you have a Twitch account and like to watch Evony Gameplay, you can do so on Twitch. Tv. However, if you need a Twitch account and want to know more about Evony's' casual gaming' websites, this article will introduce some great sites for watching live streams.

W8Crazy and his followers regularly broadcast live video streams on both Hitbox. Tv and Twitch. You can also go to their channel on Twitch. If you don't have time to watch the live streams, watch TV and watch past broadcasts or want to view the videos later.

W8Crazy is an excellent streamer who loves sharing his passion for Evony. He is involved with the Evony community and tries very hard to offer his followers engaging content.

LiveStreamingEvony is another great live-streaming website where you can watch Evony gameplay; while watching the game, there are often links to helpful Evony guides and strategy tips. This live stream's host uses a webcam, allowing viewers to see his actual gaming screen.

The hosts of LiveStreamingEvony are Ryan & Ash, by the name of "Bandito." They have a great deal of experience with streaming, have done it before, and love to talk game development.


Their streams include "SnobbyStreamer" and "GamerHater."

Evony is written in C++ and uses the SDL library for display and input. As the client-server model of Evony gameplay is unavailable, the server must run on another computer from which clients can connect. However, clients can use their local servers. The game was initially hosted on SourceForge (formerly Coolrepos) until Microsoft acquired it in 2013. The server was open source until 2017, when the source code was re-licensed.

Evony is known for its aggressive pop-up advertising, which generates a lot of user backlash. It uses several plugins for its website, including Flash, Browser Helper Objects, and ActiveX. As of this article's publication, an in-game hack that allows players to purchase all advertisements has been discovered.

Evony was featured in a Jim Sterling video in 2012, where he expressed frustration with the blatant advertisements and their marketing techniques.


The game's initial success is credited to its simplicity. In 2004, after a three-month beta testing period, Evony was released to the public as version 0.8 on SourceForge. The game includes multiple features, including clan building and guilds with warfare between players and automated troop support for different armies, which allows for massive-scale battles where hundreds of thousands of soldiers can take part in combat at the same time.

Version 1.0 was released in August 2005. This version included various game enhancements, a new interface, and an updated map of the world with nine new maps.

Version 2.0 was released in October 2006. This release included an improved city-building engine and a graphical overhaul that features more detailed textures and models for towns and cities. Version 2.0 also introduced the ability for players to set their allegiance to one of three factions—the Holy Empire of Anzanon, the Kingdom of Cerulea, or the Coalition of Independent States (CIS)—which provides different bonuses for some units depending on their allegiance as well as alliances among players who choose to be on the same side.


Evony launched its US servers on March 1, 2007. The game's success was helped by the inclusion of the United States expansion, which was made available for get to all players.

In July 2007, Evony received a 1 billion gold reward to be distributed among all players following instructions in an email. This reward, given out by the Evony developers themselves, became known as "The Gold Rush."

It was announced that Microsoft had acquired the SourceForge hosting service and portal platform where Evony had been hosted since its launch. It would be making significant changes to the site and its development infrastructure.



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