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Golf Clash

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    Dec 12, 2022/Dec 12, 2022

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Golf Clash is a new game currently in beta testing and on the app store. The game is a social networking and virtual reality experience for golfers of all skill levels. It features over a dozen well-known courses to play on, each with different holes and hazards for you to navigate, as well as three unique competitions to join.

The game also includes themed tournaments that have set tournament dates, from March Madness drafts to fantasy golf league brackets. As you play, you can challenge your friends to matches, collect rewards and buy improvements for your golfer or your golf clubs. You also have the ability to join a clan and play with friends! This game has been in beta testing for over a year now. Many of the things that were lacking in its early stages have been addressed and some details are still being worked on; however, we think it looks pretty good for what it is. We plan to continue playing this game as it progresses from beta testing into its official release.

The object of Golf Clash is to lower your score, golfing through a course with 18 holes on it, without going over par for each hole. The courses are made up of a variety of different obstacles and hazards, like sand bunkers and water hazards. There is a variety of power ups you can use on your drives, like super strength and magnetism, to help guide your ball to the green or carry it around holes with greater ease. Additionally, Golf Clash has added two major social elements: Open Feint integration and Facebook integration. These allow the game to be more "social", allowing you to challenge friends during games and share achievements. As with most games, there is a soft currency and hard currency. In Golf Clash, players can buy gold coins to buy new golf clubs or upgrades for the player's golfer, but you can also win these coins in game by getting achievements or completing tournaments. The hard currency, gems, is earned at a slower rate than gold and are used to buy upgrades in the shop screen. There is also a third type of coin, called tourney tickets. These are used to play in tournaments; however they cannot be found anywhere else in game.20221222/f8fb78f66dc05b3b59dadb2414d93cef.jpg

You can play on your own, or friend may join (offline) to play with you.

You can create a private match with a Facebook friend. This will allow you to challenge them to a game of Golf Clash and play on their course against them. After playing through the game together, both of you receive 2000 gold coins! The game will also save the course for future matches, so if you and your friend come back to it later, you can continue where you left off.


You can create a private league, such as a fantasy golf league. To do this, you and your friends must be online at the same time and input the amount of players who are participating in the league (up to three). You then select a character or golf club combination, and start out by going through a draft. During this draft, you pick another player to take. Both players then share the outcome of that specific hole. If there was an ace for one player, then it will go to the other player instead. There are also features to help you go through the league, such as handicaps and leavers. You can also see who has completed the draft before you pick one of your own.20221222/a46c3dd44e5663c46e99151910de7464.jpg

You can join a clan group and challenge other clans to a match of Golf Clash! You can receive or buy rewards from the clan leader (currently,) depending on how well you are doing in your new clan. The number of coins you earn in your clan will be added to your personal coin total when you leave it.

While Golf Clash may not live up to some of the hype surrounding it, it looks like a great game that has a lot of potentials and we want to see what happens with the development of this game in the future. We will keep everyone updated on this website as new information and features are released.



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