Papa's Cluckeria To Go!

Papa's Cluckeria To Go!

Developer : Flipline Studios

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    Jun 9, 2022/Mar 14, 2022

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Papa s Cluckeria To Go is a game about feeding people in a fast-paced chicken restaurant. Your job is to keep the customers happy by serving tasty food and by listening to their orders.

In Papa’s Cluckeria To Go, you manage a constantly changing queue of customers who are waiting for their turn at the counter of your new fast-food restaurant. An in-game tutorial will guide you on how to work your way through the game. The rules of the game are simple and straight forward and you can play the game at a glance.

In principle, in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go, you are playing a role of:

Owner of a small fast-food restaurant; Staff member handling customers’ orders; Cook preparing delicious food for hungry customers; Waiter serving food to customers smoothly.

You manage a small fast-food restaurant! You have three customer service staffs at your disposal. The customers come in and out of the restaurant via the queue and want to order. There are various menu items, but in this game, you can only prepare only chicken dishes. When the customers present their orders, you have to let them know what they want by using verbal descriptions or numeric numbers.

As the owner of a small fast-food restaurant, you are on the job all day long! You have three customer service staffs at your disposal. The customers come in and out of the restaurant via the queue. They order from a menu and want to get their orders filled. You have to take care of them while they wait in line. The orders that you receive from the customers should be processed promptly, and you have to inform the customers by pointing out items from the menu. You are on a live TV show and you have to keep up with orders being made and fill them quickly.


Process of making food:

To make a delicious dish of chicken, it requires 2 menu items! Did you know? The first item is the sauce, and then any other ingredient is placed on it to make the second item. You can only prepare chicken on this game.

Menu items:

You want to make your customers happy by serving tasty and healthy food. The customer needs three menu items to fill their orders. They can choose from the following menu items:

Drinks: Water, Coke, Milk and Juice.

Beverages: Low-fat milk, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Lemonade and Fruit Juice.

Sauces: BBQ sauce, Honey mustard sauce, Sweet and sour sauce and Buffalo wing sauce.

Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken leg, Chicken wing and Lettuce.

Side dishes: French fries and Onion rings.


Game Levels set-up:

The number of customers arriving in a game increases as you go through levels. You have only three staff members to attend to the queue of customers and serve food to them. As a result, you need to be careful while attending the queue. However, as you advance through levels, more customers will start to serve themselves from the counter. When the queue clears, you have to quickly present your orders to the customers in front of you. The game can be played with 1-3 players.


Papa's Cluckeria To Go is a simple and unique casual restaurant simulation game for all ages!

New features for opening shops! Each new level requires more items in the menu and will raise the cost of food ingredients.


Papa s Cluckeria To Go is suitable for:

This is a really fun game that anyone can play and enjoy. The gameplay is simple and fun, but requires fast fingers! The Papa's Cluckeria To Go gameplay is indeed very simple, but the whole restaurant management aspect of the game will keep gamers entertained for hours. Some may find it challenging to get a high score at every level. This game has continuous rewards, like coins and hints.

Papa's Cluckeria To Go is a fun casual game where you must be quick and prepare food as you serve customers. It's simple, repetitive and time-consuming, but the gameplay is so addicting!

Working with other players is also fun in Papa Cluckeria To Go because you can have competition with your friends. Thus, it's a game that has been so entertaining to many people from different age groups.



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