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Candy Crush Saga

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    December 7, 2022/Dec 13, 2022

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Candy Crush Saga is a highly addictive match-three puzzle game with hundreds of levels. The game becomes more challenging when you go to the higher levels. It is the top game in the puzzle category because more than a billion people play it. We will give you details of gameplay and the most effective strategies.

When you start the game for the first time after getting it from the Playstore or App Store, you will get a button by the name play to start the game tutorial. You will get a small game with instructions to play on this level. You need to draw three candies of matching colors to collect blue candies. If you match four candies of the same color in a line, you will get a power candy. Matching five candies in an L shape will make a blasting candy. Matching five candies in a line will give you a big black candy. Mixing this black candy with any other color candy will remove all candies of the same color. If you move the black candy with other power candies, you will get a candy blast.

Top strategies to clear Candy Crush levels

It is more challenging to win three stars as you go to the higher levels. If you want to clear more game levels in a single try or get three stars in all games, these strategies will help you.

Take out candies at bottom first

You can look for ways to make chain reactions in the game. The best way to start chain reactions is by mixing the candies at the bottom first. Mixing candies at the bottom will move candies from the top. It will increase the chances of making more three-candies or four-candies lines. You will not get the same results by moving the candies at the top because it will not move candies below them. You can make more powerful candies with this method.


Focus on different dandies for various levels

All the levels are not the same in candy crush because you may need to remove the jelly from the game or collect specific-colored candies. Some levels force you to collect keys to unlock some parts of the screen. You can increase your chances of winning by focusing on specific tasks. Collecting candies from the bottom should come after you focus on the specific tasks.

Avoid following suggestions without thinking

If you do not make a move in the game, the game will give you a suggestion. Most suggestions appear on the top of the stage. Following suggestions without thinking will affect your game strategy. You may lose a chance of making black candy when you follow game suggestions without thinking about your strategy. You will find more than one location to move candies if you look for a more suitable candy arrangement on the level.


Look at candies arrangement before starting the game

Starting the game with a challenging candy arrangement may prevent you from clearing the game. You may end up losing a life in the game. It is better to analyze the arrangements of candies before making the first move. If you cannot find a suitable move in a few seconds, you can go back to the main screen and return to the same level again. You can do it many times without losing a life. Starting with better candy positioning increases your chances of winning the game.

Think about more than one move

Most losing players only think about one move when playing any game level. It is not the best strategy. It is better to think about more than one move. Expert players keep more than three moves in mind to increase their chances of clearing a level. You can make more power candies and black candies when you think about two or three game moves ahead.


Try to clear most levels without boosters

Playing medium-difficulty levels may make you think about using boosters. Some players use them often to clear levels with ease. It is not the perfect strategy because you may not have enough game boosters for most game levels. You can try clearing more game levels without boosters to accumulate more boosters for the most challenging game levels.



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