Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

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    May 16, 2020/May 17, 2020

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The Ultimate Custom Night is the most challenging game you may ever play. It requires skill, patience, and intelligence to get through all five nights. If you fail, you will be either killed or chased away by your animatronics. You will find that most of your attempts to complete all five nights will have ended in complete failure or even death. Not only does this game need a lot of patience, but also it needs a solid strategy and good tips to succeed in completing all five nights.

Always keep the cameras on

The main reason why the animatronics are attacking you is that they want to turn off the cameras. It would help if you kept them on all the time so that the animatronics won't be able to do anything terrible to you. However, there are some occasions when you have no choice but to turn off the cameras yourself. For example, if your power goes out or it's already nighttime, and there are still animatronics roaming around in your house, then it's a good idea to turn off your camera so they won't see you. Just remember to turn it back on when needed.

Try your best to stay away from the animatronics as much as you can

You should always try and stay away from these dangerous creatures as much as possible during gameplay because they can cause you a lot of damage if they get close enough to attack you! If an animatronic gets too close, just shut yourself inside one of the closets in your house until they leave again or until morning arrives to avoid any damage being done to your character by them.

Try to find a pattern in the games, although that's not always a safe bet

If you're playing Ultimate Custom Night for the first time, you should start by searching for patterns. There are several examples of this in the game: for example, some games are always held on Friday night, and others are always played during school hours. If you know that all the games take place on Friday night, then it will be easier for you to prepare for them. This is because you can prepare yourself mentally and physically before going into each one. However, you must rely on something other than this strategy because it might only work out sometimes. For example, a few games have no pattern; they happen randomly at different times throughout the week or month (if they happen at all).

Don't let your guard down when you think you're safe

This may seem obvious enough, but it's easy to forget when things are going well, and everything seems under control in the heat of battle. But as soon as you get comfortable with one game being gone forever, another one may pop up next to it — and then another right after that! Try not to let your guard down even if you think everything is under control because plenty more surprises are waiting for you around every corner.


Keep your phone charged

Ultimate Custom Night is a marathon, not a sprint. You'll be playing for hours, so you need to ensure your phone is fully charged before starting the game. This can be done by plugging your phone into a charger while playing or turning on Airplane Mode and disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save even more battery life.

Tap, don't hold

The controls are simple: tap the screen to move your character around, swipe up to jump, swipe down to crouch, etc. But one important thing to remember: don't hold down on the screen! When you hold down on the screen, it activates your flashlight — which is fine if you want to see what's ahead of you in the dark, but not if you want to move forward quickly. Try tapping instead of holding down when you want to move forward swiftly and use swiping gestures when you want to look around in an area that's already lit up by something else (like an exit door)


Don't be afraid to take risks

Like any other game, you must take risks to win at Ultimate Custom Night. You're not going to get anywhere by being timid and playing it safe all the time. It would be best if you played boldly and with confidence, like a true Ultimate Custom Night player.

Play for your life

No one wants to die in an intense battle against an army of animatronics, but that's precisely what will happen if you don't keep your wits about you. Don't give up or lose hope when things get crazy and all hell breaks loose! Keep fighting until your last breath, and never stop believing that you can win this fight.


Overall, there are plenty of solid strategies to use in Ultimate Custom Night, with these being some of the most helpful. That said, the game still relies on a unique skill set and much practice. These tips can help give you something to start working on and make your attempts at beating Ultimate Custom Night all the more satisfying.



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