Age of Origins:Tower Defense

Age of Origins:Tower Defense

Developer : Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited

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    December 15, 2022/Dec 15, 2022

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The best tower defense game ever is now available. Age of Origins: Tower Defense is a new game that tells a story about the first person who could send out towers, and a magical world where the lines between good and evil are blurred. Are you brave enough to take on this quest? The game features an amazing combination of characters and events that take you away to magical, mysterious land with a spellbinding story.

The benefits of Age of Origins:Tower Defense

1. Beautiful graphics and superb gameplay features

The graphics of the game are very detailed and gorgeous. The 3D graphics is an essential feature for this type of game, and the developers have managed to create a dazzling effect on your device screen. There are many different types of creatures that attack you, each one looks good and has its own special powers.

2. Awesome soundtrack

The soundtrack of the game is very good, the theme song is very catchy and makes you feel like a hero in the real world not just in this fantasy world. You can adjust the volume of background music to your liking to make it more enjoyable to play. The sound effects are also very realistic, especially the sound of weapons from different types of enemies. The sound effects will make you feel real effects, such as the sword that cuts through stone or enemies’ flesh.

3. Easy to play

Age of Origins: Tower Defense is very easy to play and does not require much time to master it. You need to collect a lot of currency to build strong towers so that you can defend your base from waves of monsters. You should use both strategy and tactics in order to win each battle because if the enemy reaches your home the game will be over and you will have to start all over again. To keep your enemies busy you should send tower after tower and make them destroy your enemy’s building


4. A lot of monsters

This is a popular game genre which makes the player addicted to it when they start playing it. There are hundreds of monsters that will attack you and try to destroy your buildings and base unless you build towers to defend yourself. You have to exterminate them one by one until all hunger for vengeance is eliminated.

5. A lot of details in the game

The game is very realistic, with a lot of details from the environment to the characters that help you make your journey through the story more enjoyable. Every character has its own destiny and way to solve problems in the game. The story is about a man who wants to create a strong defense for his village, but he did not know what kind of enemy it is. He created many types of towers and defenses before he realized that he was dealing with evil creatures and monsters that are looking for revenge. Now he has to face them and protect his base until the problem is solved.


6. Addictive gameplay

This is one of the reasons why people are addicted to this game, you have to save your home as well as kill monsters until they leave your land. You also have to collect a lot of currencies like gold, food, mana and others that will be used for building strong towers and barricades. There are many quests waiting for leveling up from easy levels to hard ones in order to unlock more features and train your character more effectively. The controls are very simple so you just have to move a button on the left side of the screen when you want to summon troops or build a tower.


7. Multitasking support

You can play this game at the same time with other games because it does not require any special device.The game has a lot of features that you will love so that you will be on your way to become one of the best tower defenses players in this fantasy world.



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