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    December 6, 2022/Nov 28, 2022

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Homescapes is a popular and addictive match-3 puzzle game. Players are helping Austin restore his childhood house into a magnificent and impressive mansion. To achieve that, you really need to work hard and bring out your best designer skills. Throughout the game, players have to replace damaged furniture, purchase new home equipment, redecorate the house and repair the ceilings, floors, stairs, and so many other areas. How can you do that? Let's have a look at some of the game's best strategies, tricks and tips to win even the most difficult levels.

Create lots of power-ups

If you start clearing tiles by matching 3 at a time, you will not get far into the game. You should make power ups to clear as many tiles as possible on each turn. The available power ups you can make in the game are the following:

* FOUR IN A ROW OR COLUMN TILES: you will create rockets.

* FOUR IN A SQUARE: you will make planes

* FIVE IN A ROW OR COLUMN: you will create a rainbow ball

* FIVE IN AN L-SHAPE: a bomb will appear

The great thing about power-ups is that you can combine two of them in order to clear an even bigger area of the tiles map. When you combine a rainbow ball with a place, for example, you will see that all tiles of a specific color (different every time) will turn into planes which will in turn fly and break tiles in so many different parts of the map.


Strategize before you play

Homescapes is really fun to play. However, if you wish to pass some of its hardest levels, you need to make a proper strategic plan in advance. The first and most important tip is to look closely at the board and understand what you have to do. Depending on the elements of each board, you have to follow different plans. For instance, if a board is full of cookies, you should focus on making bombs in order to break them. Rockets, on the other hand, are not efficient, since they cannot pass through cookies.


When to remain idle for a few seconds

If you don't know what to do next while trying to pass a level, it may be best to just remain idle for a few seconds. The game will automatically highlight a proposed matching and you just follow its advice. Remember that not all advice is worthy taking notice of. If you can find a better alternative, like matching more tiles in a single move, then go ahead and ignore the automatic game's proposal. However, if the game notifies you about a match you can do that will lead to creating a power-up, like a rocket or plane, then go ahead and just do that!

Make good use of infinite boosters

Once you complete your daily goals and fill up the mission meter, a gift will be awarded. The gift is some type of power-up that will be continuously active for a specific amount of time. For example, at some point you may receive a gift featuring a Plane power-up you can use for as many stages as you are able to pass, at a time limit of 30 minutes or 1 hour. If this happens, leave anything else you are doing and spend your time working through the game with the help of the power-up.


Choose a team and link your profile to Facebook

When you reach Level 36, you can join a team in Homescapes and have the chance to take part in team activities and rewards, like Team Chest and or Team Tournament. Choosing a team that has some experienced players is great, since it will make the team challenges easier to accomplish. It is also important to choose a team that has some energetic players in it. That way, you will, be able to interact with them through the official team chat and give/recieve free lives. And dont' forget! Play the game on consecutive days to receive your daily login gifts.

Another great advice is to link your profile to your Facebook account. That way, you will get a gift of 1000 coins. That's not all, however, Once the profile has been linked to Facebook, it allows you to send or receive help from any Facebook friend who is also playing the game.

Homescapes is a pleasant game you can spend hours playing without even noticing. Although its gameplay strategy resembles that of similar match 3-puzzle games, it offers some unique power-ups, tricks and strategies that promise to make the whole gameplay experience magnificent! So, make your own strategy, and help Austin restore his dusty old mansion!



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