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Temple run

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    Nov 27, 2022/Aug 12, 2021

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If you love playing endless running games, you must try playing Temple run. This is the classic and most popular endless-running adventure game. The game was released in 2011, and it grabbed the attention of every game enthusiast in the world. The protagonist in this game finds himself in a mysterious temple where he is being chased by some demonic apes after he steals the gold idol from the temple. The game is very interesting and thrilling. To know more about the game, read this article thoroughly.

The evil apes attempt to catch the hero for getting the idol back and to stop this from happening, the player has to keep on running. The game starts with the player stealing the idol and stops with the player hitting an obstacle or getting caught by monkeys. To know how to play the game, you need to read this article. Temple Run is a simple game. At first, you need to understand that you have to avoid the barriers on the road. The game will start slow but when you progress everything will speed up, and this is where the actual fun begins. When the speed increases it will become tough to control the movements of your character, and you may find it tough to reach some areas to get the gold coins. So, the best thing you can do at the initial stage is to grab as much as gold coin you can. Then after the game takes speed, you will not have to take much risk to get the hard-to-reach coins. The next thing you have to focus on is to stay alive. You may get two options to proceed, and you must choose the one that will help you survive and not the one that will give gold bars. If you survive for a long time, you can earn plenty of gold bars in this game.

You will get to play with different stories in Temple Run. You will have to run as fast as you can to get the gold coins and escape from the monster monkeys.


The game is filled with adventures and mysteries. You will play this game like a pro when you understand the gameplay. Check out the best highlights of this farm game, and you will understand the game design.

* Evil monkeys

* Get special power for the characters

* Increased achievements

* Avail the power-ups

* Latest and unique obstacles

* Amazing environments

* Get the best graphics

Temple Run allows you to run and collect as much as gold coins you can collect. You just have to use the lives to get the best fun.

You will learn the best things in this game. Once you start playing, you will understand the gameplay. Check out the steps to play this fun, endless running game.

The first step of playing the game is to arrange the setup. You need to place the temple tile lying at the farthest left right after the start tile. You can randomly add three other tiles placed toward the right of the temple tile. When you do this, you must ensure that the red arrow touches the arrow on the past tile.


You have to place the evil demon monkey pawn on the same symbol of the tile. You can select the runner pawn. You will choose the player who will start the game. Move to separate the power tokens by type. Each player has the choice of one token for starting the game. Finally, position the tokens near the game board.

When you have to stay on track, you have to focus on the longest distance you can cover. Also, you cannot leave the Green gems since they can be used for the resurrection of your role. Be watchful of the obstacles that are going to come your way and be prepared as they are getting close. But you shouldn’t ignore the obstacles which are not at a close distance.

In this game, you will not have to collect scores; you can play for a long time. First day you will get 250 coins. On the next day, you will get 500 coins. On the third day, avail 50 coins. On the fourth, 1000 coins. On the fifth, you will get either 5000 to 15000 coins or some valuable gems.


When you find the store, you can opt for various things like utilities, power-ups, characters, and wallpapers for different coin amounts. You will see the power ups appearing in the game and change the aspect of the game.

Temple Run is a widely popular mobile game loaded with incredible visuals and amazing twists in the plot. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with others. This way they can play this game perfectly and have fun.



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