Earn to Die

Earn to Die

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    November 21, 2022/Sep 21, 2017

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Earn to Die is a zombie survival game designed to test your navigation skills. In this game, you will race a car on challenging landscapes and kill zombies. The game will have many updates to strengthen your vehicle and make you better capable of exploring more. Earn to Die is worth playing for all those who love to enjoy a different experience.

As stated above, it is a survival game where you have to survive and kill zombies. The game will have different levels with a timeline. You might need many days to complete all the levels. However, all will entertain you with exciting and challenging adventures. While playing Earn to Die game, you will have the acceleration button to move ahead. Play carefully to stay alive until the end. However, beginners might find this survival game challenging. Use the acceleration button smartly and observe the surroundings to play like a pro.

When playing Earn to Die, you can have more fuel to reach higher levels without much difficulty. Get more, kill zombies, and make more money to upgrade your character. Upgrade your car fuel within the time since this game will have a timeline for most things. Hence, you should understand the importance of time to progress fast and perform well.

In addition, you can earn more money by killing more zombies. Consistent effort can help you achieve more. Learn from your mistakes and plan a better strategy every time. You can also use boosts when exploring the hill. Boost is an additional fuel source that can maximize your chance. But use it at the right time since many players use boosts whenever possible and struggle later. But you can save them for challenging levels.

Also, you can upgrade your car to perform well. You can check the bottom to see the upgrades and find car parts, weapons, big fuel tanks, and higher capacity. You can use them to kill zombies and navigate through challenging levels. Besides, you can buy a fuel-efficient car with big tanks and powerful weaponry. Get a functional vehicle with more cash. But you will have to give all the effort to save more to buy an upgraded and super operational car.

You will have different stages in the Earn to Die survival game. Your journey will begin in Texas and move toward Washington. Since it is a long-term run, you can enjoy all the challenges and perform well with proven strategies. Always plan your game strategy before any move to avoid any mistakes. You can also explore additional modes, including Championship and Halloween, and have more fun.


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In the Earn to Die game, you will be exploring challenging landscapes. Keep your finger on the acceleration button and move based on the situation. Avoid pressing the button hard. Instead, consider a light tap to progress safely and protect your ride. Also, avoid holding down the button often. You will have to move and play while observing your surroundings.

You can avoid accelerating when going down the hills. Ease off the acceleration when racing down to avoid complexities. Yes, there is no need to push yourself faster when going down. Overuse of acceleration will only create more challenges. Hence, you have to understand how to use it in different situations.


Know when to use the boosts to strengthen your car. Use them at the right time when exploring higher levels. For example, you can use them when coming across bumps or driving up a hill. Boosts will make clearing simpler and more convenient.

Besides, you can upgrade your transmission and engine by using your cash. Upgrades will increase your speed and improve acceleration. As a result, you can clear your stage faster and more efficiently.


You can upgrade your vehicle whenever you have cash. You can have a gun and upgrade your weapon to kill zombies. When upgrading, your focus should be on speed and zombies. Make sure you have the right upgrades to achieve both.

Playing Earn to Die will be fun if you understand the features and gameplay. Know how to use the acceleration, improve fuel tanks and your gun, and upgrade transmission and engine. Tap the button lightly to progress smoothly and avoid flipping over. Maintain the speed and use the boosts and upgrades. The game will entertain you the most if you focus on the gameplay and use all the features.



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