RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

Developer : Plarium Global Ltd

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    Dec 12, 2022/Dec 19, 2022

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With over 300 million players, RAID: Shadow Legends is a 3D turn-based RPG you won't be able to put down. Collect characters, farm items, and build your own army to beat your opponents.

The game is a 3D turn-based RPG adventure. With 16 factions and more than 15 characters in each, you won't be able to put your smartphone down. You have one goal: to farm characters and items to free Teleria from the shadows. But there is much more to the game.

Free mobile games often come with a downside: They become pay-to-win as the game progresses. RAID: Shadow Legends is no exception, as its creators must make a living somehow. Though paying for characters or items is not a must, it sure helps players level up and win more matches.

The point of the game lies in collecting characters, upgrading them to level six, and creating champion compositions to raid dungeons and fight other players.

You can choose from five different modes in the game:

Campaign: The main event

In this mode, you become the hero that must save Teleria, following a storyline and defeating monsters in dungeons. The difficulty increases as the story progresses. You can farm items and become stronger throughout the 12 dungeon settings.


You must defeat two waves of enemies before fighting the final boss. Some dungeon bosses are challenging to beat — If they weren't, the game wouldn't be as fun. There are ten dungeons, and you can obtain items like artifacts, potions, and Mastery scrolls.

Faction wars

To emerge victorious, you need some six-star champions and good gear to participate in faction wars. If the name didn't give you a hint, faction wars require creating a team composition solely of characters that belong to the same faction. Sure, you can defeat most bosses in these wards with any team, but some require high-quality team compositions.

If you feel stuck, check guides and community forums out. They will help you move forward in the game.


You can become part of a clan and fight together to defeat challenging bosses — After all, unity makes strength. If you've played World of Warcraft, you must be already familiar with raiding bosses as a team. The concept is the same for RAID: Shadow legends.

Don't worry if your team cannot defeat the boss within the first attempt: This mode is designed to last multiple attempts, so every member can come in and give a hand.

Now, this is where things get fun. The arena mode allows you to compete against other players. Whoever has the best team wins, and that's where farming items and collecting good champions comes in.

Once you begin competing in the Arena, you will notice that champions have stats specifically for the PVP mode (which differ from the regular, Great Hall stats). Some characters are good for PVP and bad for normal modes, and vice versa.

Winning PVP matches gives you Arena medals that you can use to claim Arena Chests. These chests reset weekly and offer different rewards to the winners, so make sure to beat your opponents!


Choose a good starter

Just like it happens in Pokemon, you need a decent champion from the get-go. Instead of discovering which one by trial and error, follow our advice: Athel and Kael are the best characters in the late game (once you've upgraded them to level six).

Note that your favorite champions will also depend on your play style, so don't take our word for granted — Choose one you are comfortable with.

Upgrade a champion to level six

It can be tempting to use food to upgrade different characters. They're all beautiful, and you want to cherish them all. But the truth is that getting Athel or Kael to rank six grants access to more challenging dungeons.

As a new player, you want access to these dungeons and bosses, as they will provide you with rewards and rare items!


Keep a copy of the unique champions

You should keep a copy of every rare and unique character you come across. As a new player, you may not know yet what champions are good or bad. It also saves time when figuring out synergies between characters to build the best composition. Yes, you will sacrifice part of your inventory, but it's worth it in the long run.



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