Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Developer : Supercell

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    December 21, 2022/Dec 20, 2022

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This game is a strategy game for the android and ios operating systems. The player builds a community, trains troops, fights against monsters and other players, gathers resources to further the development of their community.

Clash of Clans is a social media iphone and android app which was released publicly. The game involves building up your town with army barracks, military buildings such as archery towers to help defend your village from intruders on ground or air level. You also have to protect your village from attacks from other clans. The game has a 3 level upgrade system which involves barracks levels 2 and 3 in which the players can get more troops and protection for the village level of the overall game.

In Clash of Clans, you are able to join clans. In these clans you can create specific groups where members can be invited or you invite people yourself. This allows for different tasks to be completed by different people creating a team working together towards a goal.

Guest players, who are invited by you, can play while the person who invited them is offline. They cannot leave the clan unless they are kicked.

Players can join clans which already have a player, however you cannot be in more than one clan at any time. This is determined by having to manually change your name from the list of existing players.

Theres also clans that are open for new members which requires less research before acceptance. The only things required from a clan's members are a decent number of troops and silver to form a level 3 village.

To form a level 3 village, you must have 5 troops and 50 silver in your reserve for each building tier.

Players can also spend in-game currency, called gems, on upgrading their village.


As a player levels up and gets more buildings, his/her village gets bigger, so it is a good idea to keep your gems for upgrading the village.

Clans will try to lure players into attacking the villages of other clans who dont have any defenses or are unprepared.

You gain resources from raiding a clan who has built a level 2 town hall which can produce 3 stars and extra resources when you destroy it as well as any town hall that is one level lower than theirs. Raiding can be done by simply destroying their buildings and gold storage area with your army units called barbarians. Clans can choose to donate resources to each other by using an in-app payment system called gifting. This is the only way a clan can use its resources for upgrading the buildings of another clan.


The game can be played on ios and android devices which are registered with any apple account, google play account or facebook. To create an account on clash of clans, a player has to have a gmail account that is linked with your device's google play store, iphone or ipad's app store with facebook linked as well for security purposes.

The game can be played on a tablet device or smartphone.

Clash of Clans is free to get and play but the game offers in-app purchases that range from $2.99-$99.99 which can be used to unlock various things in the game from buying troops or expanding your villages size.

Each player has their own village which you have to build within your time limits on your mobile device. You are able to choose what level of village you have and also what type of building you want for each level. Unlike other games, this app uses gems for upgrading buildings instead of gold which means you need to pay for them using real-life money.


The game comes with a complex set of rules if you want to level up and build in a way that the other clans will not attack you, known as TH8. You are able to deny your opponents resources and defenses.

The game also has limits on the amount of gold you can get from destroying enemy buildings while they are offline or in your clan's base. The maximum amount of gold is 1000 gold which can be achieved by raiding a clan who has reached level 2 as an army barracks.

Clash of Clans is an excellent game that has been getted millions of times so far and it is one that will still have many more players playing for years ahead.



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