Idle Egg Factory

Idle Egg Factory

Developer : Solid Games

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    Sep 7, 2023/Sep 8, 2023

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Idle Egg Factory is a popular idle game where you manage a virtual egg factory. As a player, you aim to maximize egg production and profit. Here are some gameplay tips and insights into its difficulty:

Upgrade egg production: Early on, focus on upgrading your egg production facilities. This will increase the number of eggs you produce per second, leading to more income.

Hatch eggs: Hatch the eggs regularly to get baby chickens. These chickens will provide additional passive income over time.

Research and upgrades: Invest in research and upgrades to boost various aspects of your factory, such as egg value, chicken growth rate, and hatchery capacity.

Active play: Occasionally, you may need to tap on the screen or perform other actions to earn extra income or bonuses. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.

Contracts: Complete contracts to earn valuable rewards, including golden eggs, which can be used to buy epic upgrades.

Golden eggs: Spend your golden eggs wisely on epic upgrades that have a long-term impact on your production, such as increasing the chicken population or egg value.

Prestige: Once progress slows down, consider prestiging to earn soul eggs. Soul eggs increase your income multiplier, allowing you to progress faster in subsequent playthroughs.

Difficulty points:

Early stages - easy: The game starts relatively easy, with rapid progression and quick upgrades. It's an excellent introduction to idle games for beginners.

Mid-game - moderate: As you progress, you'll encounter increasing costs for upgrades and challenges in managing your resources efficiently. Balancing your investments becomes crucial.


Late-game - challenging: In the late game, progress slows down significantly, and you'll need to employ advanced strategies to maximize your earnings. Decisions regarding when to prestige and how to allocate epic upgrades become critical.

Microtransactions - variable: Like many idle games, Idle Egg Factory may offer in-app purchases. The difficulty can be influenced by whether you choose to make these purchases or not. Some players may find it challenging to progress without spending money.


Long-term engagement - time-consuming: To reach the highest levels of income and complete all achievements, you'll need to invest a significant amount of time and possibly even leave the game running in the background for extended periods.


Remember that the difficulty and enjoyment of Idle Egg Factory can vary from player to player. Some enjoy the relaxed pace of idle games, while others find satisfaction in optimizing their progress and reaching challenging milestones. Explore different strategies, experiment, and have fun managing your virtual egg factory!



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