State of Survival

State of Survival

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    Dec 19, 2022/Dec 22, 2022

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The State of Survival is a mobile strategy game based on events of the Zombie apocalypse. It brings the effects of modern world troops and fiction gears. Being a competitive game, it suits both novice and experienced players. Your role is to build a city that survives the zombies, train the troops, and develop some characters.

The State of Survival game combines single and multiplayer elements. For the single-player mode, you complete the stages in real-time combat. As you move your way, you encounter more things that make the game even more complex. Not to mention, you get lots of stuff to keep you hooked on the game.

The controls are top-notch if you have a good phone. Just like other mobile strategy games, there’s lots of building, grinding, and upgrading. To survive zombies and monsters, you must complete the projects before the timer countdown.

Additionally, you should control most of the repetitiveness. The initiative controls will help you create shortcuts and manage every aspect of the base.

To increase your power, you must establish dominance in your server and use resources. You can also allocate funds to building research centers and upgrading the military.

The State of Survival game has different types of troops – the range, barracks, and garage. This is where you train the snipers, bikers, shield troops, and short gunners. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses (some will have special properties). Here is what you unlock as you climb up the ranks:

* Barracks – these defensive units give a better guard to specific units. For instance, the shields are effective against bow units. The shotguns, on the other hand, are effective against riders.

* Range – these units come in handy when you attack the enemy from long ranges. The snipers are effective against riders, while the bows are effective against infantry units.

* Garage – these troops excel at flanking. They are further divided into ATVs and bikers. The latter is effective against hunters.


The State of Survival game allows you to increase your battle power. Everything you do as you climb up the ranks contributes to the number. Here are some things that can accelerate the progression of the game:

* Upgrade your troops

* Choose the best gear at your disposal

* Unlock hero characters

* Research new technology

* Upgrade each building to the highest possible level

Keep the builder engaged

Your builder must be active all the time. He’s required to upgrade your settlements. Once you reach level 7, you should expand your headquarters – the range, barracks, and gauge.


Like other strategy games, your headquarters are at the heart of your survival. It not only determines your level of structure but also unlocks new features. This also means that you increase your capacity to fight more enemies.

For this game, you should always upgrade your buildings before you log off. They will help with the heavy lifting when you log in again.

Use the best heroes for the task

Each character you unlock has its pros and cons. You should check how your heroes interact to defeat the hordes at an early stage. Other than that, you get bonuses on different troops. If you don’t want to fight, you should gather resources for specific heroes. They provide the load capacity and gathering speed.

Explore the wilderness

You should explore the wilderness and kill monsters. Just send your troops to gather resources. This is what you need at higher levels.

Upgrade your training camp

Since the game involves a lot of building, many players are afraid to upgrade. To boost your troops, you should upgrade your training camp. You’ll level up after you complete specific battles like defeating the infected and explorer trail.


Join an alliance

You enjoy many benefits when you join an alliance. For instance, you’ll be eligible for exclusive events and rewards. In addition, you can attack strongholds, exchange resources, and enjoy strong defense. Again, donating in an alliance will help you earn points and rewards. Other benefits of joining a team include:

* It helps you defend your alliances

* The points can be exchanged for items

* Can reduce the time for research, construction, and training

Complete the main mission as soon as you start the game

The main quests are important in the early stages of the game. The sooner you start, the quicker you advance to the next level. Generally, the side missions will give you some rewards upon completion.

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