Slap and Run

Slap and Run

Developer : VOODOO

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    May 17, 2023/May 17, 2023

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    92.27 MB/264.3 MB








Everyone can play Slap and Run in a relaxing time and have endless fun. When playing this VOODOO game, you can slap pedestrians and run away. Slap and run faster to avoid getting caught. You can swipe left and right and hit all when moving. The game has many entertaining features to keep you engaged for hours. Also, the game will have only gold currency you can have by watching ads and after your successful run. Use those coins to upgrade your items and perform better. Also, there will be many boosters and abilities in the game. You can use them to increase your speed and skills to stay safe when someone chases you. The pedestrians might chase you once you hit them. You can have boosters to protect yourself and run faster. You can also use some abilities and improve your speed for short runs. You can slap more pedestrians to increase your speed. You can use the speed bar and increase the speed with your actions. However, the pace will decrease once you stop slapping.

Slap and Run game has inspiring and unique gameplay. You have nothing to do except running and slapping. You can swipe left and right to hit pedestrians. You will feel addicted and explore more. After hitting a couple of pedestrians, you might feel confident and improve your speed. However, they will start chasing you once they realize what happened to them. You can protect yourself with boosters, abilities, and traps. There will be boosters and traps on each level to give an edge to players. You can use them to stop and hit others. You can also collect game coins to upgrade your acceleration, run, and kick.

Slap and Run game is super easy to play. You do not need any expertise to start playing this game. Just swipe left and right to run and slap. However, you will need practice and strategies for a better experience. You can use boosters and abilities to support your running and increase your speed. Also, focus on a few for more points and better performance. You can get high scores and costly items with more upgrades.


You can also watch ads and have more coins. You can collect coins wherever possible. You can also upgrade Earnings and get more rewards. There will be many ways to earn rewards and currencies. Use all the opportunities and increase your speed. Run faster, hit all, and dominate the game.

When playing, slap all the pedestrians, do not spare any. Instead of running crazy, use every opportunity and hit all. Swipe left and right, observe the surrounding, and plan for each. You can achieve more with more actions. Also, you can get boosters and coins with better performance. Hence, focus on the game and keep slapping all. That is all you need to do when exploring this unique game.

There will be many levels in this game. At the end of each, you will have the record of the number of pedestrians and slaps. You must record more slaps to get inspiring rewards. You might feel it is achievable. However, a minor distraction can divert your attention. Hence, pay attention to the run to hit most pedestrians. You can increase your speed and gauge by slapping more pedestrians. Also, you can have a massive kick at the end.


Use the traps to stay safe from pedestrians. You can use a green-round item or a red moving circular saw to stop them from chasing you. You can also consider the following steps to have more fun with your unique exploration.

You can upgrade your speed and skills to run faster and outsmart those chasing you. You can upgrade your kick, abilities, speed, and acceleration. You can collect coins in different ways and use them for upgrades.

Be cautious and stay safe from the traps of pedestrians. Swipe right and left to run faster through all the traps without being killed.


Once you reach 20 or higher levels, you can play bonus levels. Since they will have no traps, you can collect many items and slap all the pedestrians.

You can explore Slap and Run when you want only simple fun. Enjoy the game and slap all!



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