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Subway Surfers

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    Dec 7, 2022/Dec 12, 2022

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Subway Surfers is one of the most popular mobile device games; if you have not heard of it, you're losing out. However, this does not imply that your opportunity has passed forever. The property, now more than eight years old, is still strong and has even been turned into an animated series.

Subway Surfers is a popular mobile infinite runner game released in 2012. It has a high impact. Since then, developers have regularly implemented new features to hook more players. Different patches have been added to take you to different places.

Most methods for gaining free score boosts need you to view advertisements or ads. Score multipliers are essential for setting a record-high score. This is so because going the same distance will only get you a few points unless you can multiply them.

Here you may spend 3,000 coins for a boost or watch an ad to get one for free. The simpler option is to go to the shop, select the 'Free Stuff' page, and then watch a commercial. Last but not least, the 'Boosts' section of the store sells various score enhancements. The simplest method to get going is to tap the star icon at the bottom left of the screen as soon as the game begins.

These are some helpful hints for Subway Surfers, whether you're looking to improve your game or get a little more cash:

Take advantage of frees: If you need money quickly, watching an advertisement will get you much more coins than playing the game. Free crates, keys, and other items are yours every day. While advertisements aren't necessary for every single one, the vast majority certainly are.

Keep your keys: Since in Subway Surfers, you can't purchase everything with coins. In exchange for keys, you may purchase a variety of playable characters and hoverboards. You need to put some money down if you want to advance further in the game.


Choose a target character: Peruse the available hoverboards and personalities and choose one. You will save your cash on good characters and boards. Saving some money is the fastest method to start a character and board collection.

Use side steps and roll: You may continue playing the game when your character is in mid-air. Swiping left or right allows you to sidestep a potential danger. You can quickly roll beneath an obstacle by swiping downwards, which will also help you land more quickly.

Grab those magnets: Even if you strive to beat your previous score, you should always grab the magnet if you see it. Through that, you can always acquire more lives and try to beat your top score again.


Don't be confused by the handful of unlockable characters and hoverboards in Subway Surfers that are available in the shop. Purchasing a brand-new hoverboard will undoubtedly improve your score, but it will not aid your coin collection efforts. Visit the store, choose "Boosts," and purchase a new jetpack and coin magnet upgrades to maximize your winnings.

The Coin Magnet and Jetpack are the two most valuable items you may get. Gaining an early advantage in the game by collecting as many coins as possible might let you buy additional consumables.

The Jetpack is yet another helpful gear that will save your life and bring in a good sum of money while playing, and it could also save your character's time and hover above the subways.

Also, activate the 2x multiplier in the game to get high scores. Put the most money on this power-up upgrade so you can get to the x30 multiplier as soon as possible. All three of those things are necessary to make this happen. Improvements to both the Jetpack and Super Sneakers increase your safety while running.


You can get a ton of free stuff in Subway Surfers if you visit some groups or pages or watch free ads. Players who want to maximize their performance must understand the optimal strategy for winning in this game. You'll need to manage your surroundings as you sprint through the subways, which include power-ups, new playable characters, and several tasks.



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