Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game

Developer : Topwar Studio

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    Dec 21, 2022/Dec 21, 2022

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Top War: Battle Game is an exciting multiplayer game from the Top War Studio. This is a military-based strategy game that offers tanks, ships, robots, and different battle modes. You have to upgrade your army and make an alliance with others to create a better rule. The game also offers big maps where the players can play from around the world, and engage in battles to save their reign. Before you jump into the game, check out the gameplay and strategies and become the best commander.

In Top War: Battle Game, your goal is to expand your land and become the most powerful on the island. For this, you need a larger troop, more researchers, and coins. The main currencies in this game are gems and coins. Moreover, you will require tech tools to get better research so that you can commandeer the troops and train the armies. To get tech objects, you have to defeat your enemies.

If you need to build a better strategy, you must upgrade the research section. For instance, you build the level one barrack with the help of the level one mine. Once you build two or four of them, you can merge the barracks to get levels three to four. This is a space-taking and time-consuming process. To avoid this situation, you can create higher troop levels from the existing barracks.

Let’s say you need to create a higher-level building from the menu. You have to focus on the research upgrade. You have to click on the research center and build the barrack from the scratch. You will get four research upgrades such as,

* Airbase

* Barrack

* Naval base

* Mine

When you research and upgrade these levels, you will get a higher-grade airbase, barrack, naval base, and mine from the build menu.


Top War: Battle Game is a battle strategy game. You have to research more, train armies, and build a better troops to rule the island. You have to complete quests to get coins and gems. You will find more fun when you fully grasp the game's features.

The game is full of adrenaline rush and fun. You can play this game properly when you understand the features. Let’s look at the best features of Top War: Battle Game.

* You won’t have to wait long for the upgrades

* Play the battle game online with others from all over the world and use different game modes

* Begin in a deserted, barren land and create high-level barracks for your army.

* Upgrade troops and heroes with unique equipment and skills to lead the team in battles

* Recruit famous heroes to lead the battle. Use the air force and navy teams.


Once you understand the features of this game, you are ready to dive into the strategies. The game is easy and fun to play, but once you understand the strategies, it will be easier. So, let’s take a look at the below points.

Step 1: Get the building

At the beginning of the game, you will get a limited area to build your reign. You cannot have more buildings here; you have to cut down trees to get more land. After that, you can unlock more features to get coins. You have to reach some specific levels to unlock more areas. You have to keep building barracks and get more army in your troop to get more EXP.

Step 2 : Be powerful

You can become powerful by following the four steps. Get more heroes, upgrade the heroes, merge the army level and get the high tier, with more barracks you will get better troops.

Step 3 : Complete the task

The game is filled with quests. When you complete the challenges, you will get more rewards and gems. To get better buildings and land, you need coins and gems. So, you have to complete the quests.

You will get coins and gems when you complete the quests. You will also get free gems from ads. When you win battles there will be rewards.


Top War: Battle Game is a battle strategy game, where you can construct buildings, build higher-level troops and win battles. You will find more fun and excitement while playing the game. You just need to apply the right strategies to win the game. There are various possibilities in this game, and once you complete the challenges there are rewards.

This is battle gameplay, where you can gather your troops to win big. If you loved playing it, share your opinion, so others can enjoy the game too, and give their feedback.



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