Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Developer : Bennett Foddy

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    October 6, 2020/Jul 26, 2021

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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a punishing, arcade climbing game. The game is only playable by those who are willing to fail repeatedly as they try to conquer the mountain. In this game guide, you’ll find tips for getting over it, as well as information on how to progress through the game.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a horror video game. The game was wildly popular on youtube because of its reaction videos from fans. The game is intentionally designed to be difficult, frustrating, and infuriating. While its gameplay is surprisingly good, it is not a masterpiece.

This game takes you on a journey to climb a mountain with a character named Diogenes, who is trapped in a cauldron. In the game, you must use a hammer called Yosemite to lift the body out. As you climb higher, the difficulty level increases and the game ends when you reach the highest point.In addition to the gameplay, Getting Over It with Bennett is a game about confronting your emotions. In the game, you will be accompanied by a voice-over commentary from the game's developer, Bennett Foddy. Bennett will discuss philosophical issues and offer quotes when you hit significant milestones.

While the game isn't the most enjoyable video game, Foddy's commentary helps make it a great experience. In addition to the premise of the game, he also provides commentary on the different sections of the game and how they relate to the overall game. This commentary makes the game more than just a masochistic exercise.

The gameplay in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is punishing, but surprisingly rewarding. As you climb the mountain, you use a hammer to move and climb, and you can even swing it around to grab ledges and other objects. As you progress, great mysteries will open up and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

If you are a fan of platform games, you may want to know how to play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. It is a unique game with an intriguing concept.


The game is similar to gambling in that it manipulates your brain to reward your success. When you win, you receive a higher reward than if you lose, which leads to a cycle of increasing frustration and celebration. Moreover, each time you achieve new progress in the game, you feel the need to continue playing further. This arouses the sunk cost fallacy, which makes it difficult for you to stop playing.

* To play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, you must first understand the mechanics of the game. The game is an adventure game, which means that there is no checkpoint. You can't skip any levels or jump any blocks.

* In this game, you must reach the highest point of the map to complete the level. Once you get there, you can join the chatroom and interact with other players.


Tips and Tricks

For those who have never played Getting Over It with Bennett, here are some tips and tricks that will help you beat the game faster and have a better experience. The game's unique gameplay and irritating narrator make the game somewhat difficult to master, but if you stick with it, you'll end up winning.

* First of all, be prepared to use intense concentration to complete every challenge. Every swing of the hammer has to be deliberate, and losing focus will only lead to frustration and further losses.

* In addition, don't be careless; if you fall, you'll fall back down to the ground.

Aside from these tips and tricks, you can also get a mod for the game. This mod will allow you to get some great in-game purchases for free. It will also allow you to unlock premium features for your game. The Getting Over It with Bennett Mod is a modified version of the official game.


* As a supporting character, Bennett is not a good choice for a solo playstyle. His support ability is second to none and is incomparable. While his damage is not very high, Bennett can still perform well in any build. However, to make this support character work best, you need to focus on stats and artifacts that improve Bennett's utility and flexibility.

* Energy Recharge and HP are the best stats for Bennett. Having two Pyros in your party will also help you unlock Pyro Resonance.



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