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Dead Cells

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    Nov 25, 2022

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Want to survive like a pro in the hellish rogue-like Metroidvania game, Dead Cells? Then, you have landed in the right place. Beginners find this action mobile and PC game quite hard and disheartening. But in reality, if you know the tricks to progress effectively, you can avoid dying in the game that makes you start again from square one. So, without any further ado, let’s check out some must-know tips and tricks for making this Hack & Slash game much more interesting.

In this Castlevania-inspired game, you will be playing the role of a failed alchemic experiment. Your goal is simple; you have to defend yourself from bone-chilling bosses and minions with 2D combat by using a wide range of skills and weapons.

How to progress in the game?

Death in this game means you have to start from Level 1. However, you can carry forward from each playthrough. So, do strategize your gameplay to ensure you can start strong after the death because of what was carried forward. At the end of each level, you can unlock blueprints and improvements by spending "cell" to progress quicker in the game as well.

What to unlock at the beginning?

When beginners see the blueprint vendor for the first time, they get overwhelmed and confused. So, most newbies end up spending cells on the wrong options. Do consider General Improvements when allowed. These upgrades in Dead Cells are recommended as they can grant you bonus gold, healing potions, and more. Your chances get better from the beginning if you unlock it first.

Which gears can help you to advance?

You also have to strategize unlocking gears. So, these are bows, swords, traps, and other weapons that will appear in this single-player game randomly, once unlocked. Do read the descriptions of the different gears thoroughly to figure out which will make your gameplay much more enjoyable and efficient. The ones to avoid in the beginning are Spartan Boots and The Impaler. Your gameplay will be much better with the Infantry Bow instead.


When you die in the game, you will lose your precious collected cells. So, just like any other platformer game, you have to stay alert in this game as well because knowledge is power in this game genre. The simple interface and controls of the game will eventually help you to grab the gameplay properly. But, for a quicker game progression experience in Dead Cells, try out the following:

Take it slow

When playing the game, you will notice that you have come across a series of doors and they will be locked automatically after a certain amount of time has gone by. This is a great example to inform you that the game will induce an urgency in you that will force you to rush through the levels. But you have to take your time as then only you will have more gears and cells overall to progress better in the game.

Knowing your controls

Dodging is crucial in this game and will help you to progress more effectively. So, you have to get familiar with the positioning of the different controls/options. You will be able to survive the game better if your finger is always resting on the dodge option for a quick response. So, make use of tutorials and practice while keeping your finger on the button to embed this playing style in you.20221221/5504dd179fb5beca6b80de1a158da948.jpg

Big investments whenever possible

Do not get tempted by all the weapons made available to you, and instead stick to upgrading some big-shot items when they come up in the stores. Upgrading these gaming items/weapons is recommended as they will become crucial for your survival later in the game. Also, keep an eye out for a unique/specific vendor that becomes visible after a fight with a boss. You have a high chance to get a "+" rarity item from such a vendor which can make your future playthroughs easier.

Let the traps work their magic

You can progress fast if you can utilize traps properly. So, focus on some must-haves like the Double Crossb-o-wmatic and the Sinew Slicer at the beginning of the game. Besides, traps can be used as distractions as the AI enemies target traps as well. Do make use of enhancing mutations to ensure you can get traps out every 3-4 seconds.


So, these were some simple yet brilliant tips and tricks for surviving in Dead Cells. Make use of them properly to ensure your progress in this stunning pixelated game is smooth as butter. To conclude, it is important to point out that the game comes with various updates that introduce the players to new weapons, monsters, biomes, bosses, and more. So, to successfully keep on surviving or advancing in Dead Cells, players need to keep on practicing.



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