Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Developer : Klei Entertainment Inc.

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    Jun 22, 2022/Jun 29, 2022

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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is a survival game for mobile devices released on iOS in 2015, with the Android version being released the following year. The game is the official mobile port for Don't Starve, developed by Klei Entertainment, initially released for Microsoft Windows, Linus, and OS X in 2013.

The game takes influence from other games such as Minecraft, with players navigating randomly generated areas, referred to as the "Constant". Players must gather and craft resources to survive an ever-evolving game world.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edtion plays identically to its PC-centric cousin, albeit with a different control scheme. Once the game begins, the player is tasked with surviving as long as possible. Like most other mobile action-adventure games, the left-hand side of the screen is used to move the character, while the right-hand side of the screen contains buttons that are used to interact with the environment.

The two main buttons players will be using is the interact and attack buttons, both buttons are self-explanatory. At the bottom of the screen is the character's inventory, consisting of all the items the player has collected. As the player navigates through the environment, the game's night/day cycle ensures that the player is always aware of the dangers of their new environment.

During the day, players are expected to explore the world and collect resources to manage hunger, health, and sanity. There would also be several monsters for the player to avoid (or fight). Once night has fallen, more dangerous monsters will start to spawn in larger numbers. An invisible enemy known as "Charlie" also spawns at night, forcing the player to look for light sources to deter "Charlie" from attacking.

In addition to the night/day cycle, the game also revolves around different seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each season alters the environment in some form or another. forcing players to adapt to whatever season they may end up being in. For example, in winter the player must prioritize various sources of heat as the player may freeze to death during gameplay.


Initially, the player is stuck with the game's default character, Wilson, as their playable character. More playable characters are unlocked by obtaining experience points. Experience points are tied to the player's progression throughout the game, with each day the player survives being added to the player's overall experience level.

The game also boars roguelike elements, meaning each death is considered permanent. No items are carried over consecutive playthroughs, forcing players to start from scratch for each playthrough.20221221/4b91ddd3c09c4e11623161e105b6d6ac.jpg

The impotance of fire - The first thing players will notice in playing the game is the importance of fire. Thus, it is important to gather resources such as flint, wood, twigs, etc. One of the earliest things a player can build is a campfire. This is paramount to surviving during the night. Torches are also important as it allows the player to explore during nighttime. Most importantly, Torches are integral to keeping "Charlie" from attacking the player at night.

Cooded food vs raw food - Just like real life, cooked food is generally better as it adds a health bonus as well as improvements to sanity and hunger. Cooked food also reduces food spoilage, with the drying rack method completely removing spoilage as a factor altogether. With that being said, the choice between cooked or raw should depend on the player's resources. If the player is traveling, for example, it may be best to eat foods such as seeds and berries raw rather than wasting time and resources to cook a small number of food.20221221/6937c29bd123dc3c871839d077cd571f.jpg

Choosing a proper location - Since players will spend most of their time exploring, they must find a good location as a base of operations. There are several factors players can consider in choosing a location as a base. The main thing most players would gravitate to is its proximity to a road. Having a base close to a road allows for easier navigation and access. Another would be its vicinity to nearby food resources. A location close to a rabbit hole or pond is ideal, especially during the winter season.

Be an efficient gatherer! - Since the time spent gathering resources is limited, players should prioritize which resources to gather first. A good rule of thumb is to gather a single type of resource for that day to maximize efficiency.



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