Growing Up: Life of the '90s

Growing Up: Life of the '90s


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If you are a child of the 90s, then this is the game for you. The game tells the story of growing up in the USA during the 1990s. You will experience life as a child from an ordinary household, and your character will go through 18 years of changes in the social and the world. You have to build your world by choosing friends, love, and life. Overall, this is a coming-of-age game for a 90s child. Let us know more about this game below.

Growing Up Life of the ’90s shows the life of a child in the 90s in the USA. The culture, the trends, and the spiritual values were all different at that time. There were no social media, and children lived with their parents. But they mostly experienced the real essence of life at that time.

This is an interactive game where you will play the role of an ordinary kid from a middle-class family living in the USA. You will go through different phases of life in the country, and make various choices that will reflect in the future. You have to witness the growth of society and the community around you. Each stage in your life will determine your future.

In this game, your character will play the younger age and spend the teenage years in thirty locations in the town, and each area is attached with interesting activities. You will visit the movie theatre, spend some money with the boy next door, watch the Dino park with pals, and buy coca and popcorn. You will enjoy the company of plenty of friends from your childhood to adult life. Each character will have a thousand lines in every situation. You have to choose your ways to deal with life.

Growing Up Life of the ’90s is a simulation video game. You will find out more about the game's story when you keep playing it. You will find more fun when you fully grasp the game's features.

The game is full of fun and excitement. You can play this game properly when you understand the features. Let’s look at the best features of Growing Up Life of the ’90s.

* Get special playthroughs

* Play with over 1000 lines for the characters

* Get more than 42 careers with 200 skills to achieve

* Experience better gaming

* Make friends for life


Once you understand the features of this game, you are ready to dive into the strategies. The game is easy and fun to play, but once you understand the strategies, it will be easier. So, let’s take a look at the below points.

Step 1: Create and explore various roles

Each character you will meet in this game will have different challenges and life situations. You will have to make choices regarding the characters. You have to choose the reply, and other narratives based on your response. You will get various endings for your friends and you as well. Depending on the choices you make, you will get the future outcome. It will also decide the journey of other characters.


Step 2: Choose your friends wisely

Your journey from childhood to adult life will be determined by fighting, playing and falling in love, and making friends. You will get 19 growing-up features with other characters. You have to form a relationship with various characters and interact with them.

Step 3 : Sharpening skills

Emerging to adulthood will take different systems. You can build your aptitude and mind with the minigame. You can carry out the daily tasks and schedule them. You have to sit for school exams. Others than that, you have to go through lots of activities. You will get 200 skills and 42 unique career options.

The game offers rewards for each section. You will get hearts, skills, or money.


Growing Up Life of the ’90s is a simulation video, where you have to start your life from childhood in the 90s USA and reach adulthood through various phases of life. You just need to apply the right strategies to win the game. There are various possibilities in this game, and once you complete the challenges there are money and skills as rewards.

This is simulation gameplay, where you can use your wits to complete the tasks. If you loved playing it, share your opinion, so others can enjoy the game too, and give their feedback.



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