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    Aug 29, 2022/Nov 12, 2022

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Rarely, you will find a mobile game (iOS and Android) that is easy-going yet exclusively designed to challenge your gaming intelligence and test your strategy or decision-making skills. However, Pocket City is one of those rare games that is casual and fun yet engrossing and challenging. This city-building game comes with a simple interface, allowing you to proceed without materials or wait times and other such complexities. In the game, you will be playing as the Mayor of the city you are building and managing.

Want to expand your dream city in the game quicker than your friends? Then, keep on reading as some brilliant, easy-to-follow tips and tricks have been mentioned next to make the already-fun gameplay of this simulation game more exciting.

The gameplay of this gem from Codebrew Games is very easy to grab as the game opens with an engaging and informative tutorial. Beginners should not skip the tutorial as it provides valuable insights into the main mechanics and principles of this casual mobile game.

There are 3 types of zones that you need to focus on and balance (Residential, Commercial, and Industrial). However, also keep your focus on other major buildings such as resource buildings and leisure buildings.

You will advance in the game with the help of the character that goes by the name of “Larry”. At first, you will receive a hefty discount when buying a piece of land from him. However, he will set his own price as the game progresses. So, do strategize well as expanding your city is an effective way to keep the balance between all the 3 zones mentioned.

Pocket City allows you to:

* Build a dynamic city with animated buildings, citizens, vehicles, animals, and more

* Complete quests to earn money and XP

* Handle disasters like tornadoes or exciting events like block parties


* Optimize happiness, cash flow, traffic, and more

* Unlock new land with different terrain types

* Level up by unlocking advanced buildings

* Exploring the settings

On top of the auto-save, you can save a game/city 5 times (maximum) with the help of the Settings tab. In both gaming modes (Sandbox and Regular), you can save up to 20 cities. This will allow you to strategize the gameplay better.

* Understanding the Sandbox Mode

It gives you an unlimited amount of money to play with. In this mode, there is no wait time when constructing buildings, and you can set the terrain as per your preferences. But the challenges will be more difficult than the regular mode.* Building Police Station and Fire Department

From level 10, things will become more difficult in the game and you will be in need of a police station and fire department frequently to progress smoothly. So, build these buildings as soon as they are available in the game.

* Building Hospital when allowed

Similarly, build a hospital as soon as it is available. This is because, from level 13, the Happiness level in the game will go down at an alarming rate.

* Building Farm when allowed


If you want to expand your city faster in Pocket City, build a farm as soon as you are allowed to (level 15). This is because, in the game, a farm can increase your earnings with exports and decrease the cost of imports.

* Upgrading the buildings

Some buildings in the game are available for upgradation after reaching a certain level. You should always consider upgrading to enjoy improved efficiency of the buildings and new exciting features.

* Triggering natural disasters on purpose

The game allows you to trigger natural disasters, after which you will be given some aid money for re-constructing and an XP boost. Thus, prepare your city well and use this option to advance quicker with the benefits entitled.


* Handling heavy traffic

Beginners do not know that traffic congestion can affect the Happiness level. So, create Highways along with new zones on the side as water cannot be distributed with Highways.

* Opening the treasure chests

The pieces of land that you will be buying from Larry may come with a buried treasure chest. So, find it first to receive game rewards like money or new structures.Now that you are familiar with some must-know tips and tricks that can make the stylized game of Pocket City more thrilling, try them out next to ensure you can indeed get the most out of them. Yes, the above-mentioned strategies for the gameplay will help you to build the city faster. But do ensure you are not absentminded when playing this game as one wrong decision can slow down your progress in an instant. So, don’t rush in this minimalistic mayor simulator game, and always take your time to come up with ideal strategic moves.



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