Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

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    April 11, 2022/Apr 14, 2022

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is a unique survival horror game and the third version in the series where you need to guard the office against the animatronic characters. The eerie villain and revised camera system make Five Nights at Freddy's 3 one of the best scare-fests you can find around. The spooky animatronic creatures are looking to hunt the poor security guard. If you love playing games that give you excitement while sending chills down your spine, this is the game that you can’t afford to miss. Continue reading the post to know how you can play the game with lots of fun.

In Five Nights at Freddy's 3, you have to spend the night in an old pizzeria that has been reopened following tragic and bad incidents in the past. So, the owner of the pizzeria decided to turn the place into a horror attraction. Like the previous versions of the series, you play the role of a nightguard and your mission is to keep track of the security camera and try to control unexpected happenings. However, Springtrap is the only animatronic that’s operational. But you don’t know whether or not the whole property is haunted by other animatronics from the past.

No wonder, having the right strategies help you play any game effectively and Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is no different. The game is simple, you occupy a pizzeria and fight to stay alive while an animatronic maniac bunny rabbit tries to murder you. Listed below are some strategies that help you stay alive.

1. Familiarize yourself with the game

Use the first night to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and layout. Because Springtrap comes out on the second night, take some time to go through the camera feed. Additionally, get to know the layout of every room. Springtrap is good at hiding. For survival, it depends on how quickly you recognize the room and find where he is hiding.


2. Springtrap is attracted to noise

Whenever you notice Springtrap on one of your security cameras, it is wise to switch to a room that’s furthest from where you are now. Next, play the audio of a laughing child. As such, Springtrap would investigate the matter and that would draw him much further from your office.

3. Watch out for the camera feed

If your video feed goes wonky, Springtrap is moving to a different room. Springtrap’s movement is represented through static video feeds. Even if the camera goes offline completely for a few seconds, it is definite that Springtrap has moved to a new location.


4. Seal the vents

You may think that sealing the vents keeps out bad air from entering your room. In reality, sealing the vents keep Springtrap from entering your office. Keep in mind that he is more deadly than bad air. So, seal the vents as early as you can. Whenever you see him in the vents when going through the cameras, seal the vents immediately.

5. Springtrap string at you

Despite all the survival tactics that you apply to remain hidden, Springtrap may reach you. When you see him at the doorway, there is nothing much to do rather than stand still. If luck is in your favor, it may be 6 am and you won’t black out because of failed ventilation. However, never put up your monitor or turn away. Or else, Springtrap will move into your room and kill you instantly.

6. Don’t get confused by jump scares

Unlike the previous versions of the game, not every jump scares that you encounter is deadly. Springtrap has the power to kill you only in direct encounters. Therefore, the other scares are just hallucinations. If you face jump scares, don’t get psyched out and keep it to yourself.


7. Flipping your cameras

When you are flipping through the cameras, sometimes you may notice phantoms of a few animatronics from previous versions of the game. But if you dint react, it might trigger jump scares. Puppet’s face will appear in the hallway, Chica’s face will appear in the arcade, and Balloon Boy’s face will appear in the cameras. When you see any one of them, change your camera view and lower your monitor. Chances are that you can avoid jump scares before it happens.



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